25 Minutes on the Treadmill Yesterday…Boo Yah

Title pretty much says it all. I did 25 minutes on the treadmill yesterday, holding on with one hand, sometimes two when I was tired, and survived. Varied incline from 1.5-3.0 I think, and the speed from 1.4-2.0. Wore my Xero barefoot shoes in order to strengthen my feet.

0.75 miles. Yep. That’s the farthest I’ve walked during an exercise session in over a year, I believe. 

During the walk, I could feel a muscle deep in my upper leg try to turn on and support my weight. It’s difficult to describe. My guess (and I could be way off here) is that something in my deep longitudinal system is trying to work itself out.

This is the hardest I’ve physically been able to work out in in a long time. Sweated and huffed and puffed like I was doing a 5k. Afterwards, my body felt like I’d run a 5k, right down to the nausea that hit me about an hour afterwards. I’ve missed that post 5k nausea, oddly enough. It passed with food.

Good times.

My muscles calmed down by evening time after I did some electric massager tissue work, PEMF mat, eggs, super smoothie and trail mix, and the natural movements of making dinner.

Today, I’m a little achy (especially in my suspected deep longitudinal system), but it could be way worse. My gait feels a little better. My steps is a little longer. That moment of push off with my back left foot is actually trying to happen as I walk.

p.s. I’ve been practicing walking into restaurants, church, etc holding my cane at my side and not leaning on it.

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