Had a Great Workout Today – I Want to Remember It

Day by day, I’m feeling stronger. There’s less pain, and I feel my glutes and hamstrings getting stronger on the weak (left) side. Standing straight is getting easier, as well as moving around my kitchen. I’ve even found myself dong more tasks in the kitchen lately!

Today – August 15, 2018 – had a solid workout, and wanted to write it down so I don’t forget it. Here’s how it looked.

  • 13 minutes on the elliptical/adaptive strider (took occasional breaks): took long strides, did some slow squat holds, and lifted my knees up near my chest by balancing with my arms. Also did stair stepping motions.
  • Jumped in the jacuzzi and put my leg in traction. Also did the couch stretch.
  • In the regular pool, I walked forwards and backwards.
  • Also put the band around my knees and walked side to side.
  • With the band around my knees, went down into a squat and held it.
  • Took band off. Did weird long side-to-side strides, pushing off with my posterior muscles and stretching out my adductors. It looked like I was dancing/doing some type of Tai Chi in the water, but if felt right. 🙂
  • Using the noodle, I did my kicking drills: forward, backward, and each side
  • Hopped back in jacuzzi and put my leg in traction again.
  • Did some gentle range of motion movements in the jacuzzi.

This workout left me tired, but feeling stronger. Of course, I grounded with my grounding blanket and used the electric massager when I got home.


The Phenomena of Grounding – Sure, I’ll Try It

Last week, I learned about grounding. In fact, after doing aqua therapy, I went to a local lookout over the St. Clair River and did 20 minutes of grounding. Immediately after I felt pleasantly sleepy and relaxed.

Ever the Amazon junkie, I ordered a grounding sheet that day and had it overnighted. Since then, I’ve been grounding (also called earthing) for about 10-12 hours a day.

Studies and testimonials from around the world include reduced inflammation and pain, among its long list of benefits. In all honesty, I’d heard of it before years ago, but frankly dismissed it as some woo woo stuff. However, in my current condition, I’m willing to try just about anything to help my body heal and those stem cells do their job.

My personal results so far? TBD 🙂