Some symptoms coming from “good side”. Who would have thought.

Doggonit. My right side needs work.

So apparently my (mostly) non-symptomatic side RIGHT glute medius may be weak, lazy, and lengthened. Great. And here I thought that was the “strong” side. Well, it’s at least stronger than my left side.

So in addition to “couch stretches” for my tight psoas on the right side, I’ll need to add side-lying leg lifts. I should probably do some other other glute activation in that area, a la Upright Health’s recommendation.

The sequence would look something like this, twice a day:

  • 5min: Couch stretch on right side, using electric massager on the quads/psoas-ish area
  • Right side glute bridge
  • Right side side-lying leg lifts
  • Right side assisted Romanian deadlift

In a way, I should be happy part of my solution lies in strengthening my right side, since it’s far, far easier to do these exercises on my right side anyway. It’s just…who would have thought the side that doesn’t hurt as much could be such a key component to the other side’s dysfunction?

Perhaps I should cherry-pick exercises from The FAI FIX for my RIGHT side. Eh? Eh? They already mentioned the side lying leg lifts and glute bridge, for example.

Time to tackle the leg lefts for my LEFT side

Additionally, I should start working on the dreaded lying leg lifts (while I’m laying on my back) to strengthen the LEFT side psoas. I think it’s gained quite a bit of strength compared to how it used to be (could barely lift my left leg an two inches while standing), but I still struggle with lying leg lift, so there’s that. Granted, it gotten easier (I can get just barely an inch or two up off the ground when laying, and that’s HUGE progress), but still. It’s a struggle.

An overview:

Here’s an important part of the dysfunction we’re looking at:

Right psoas/iliacus OVERACTIVE/TIGHT
Right gluteus medius WEAK/LAZY/LENGTHENED

Left psoas/illicaucs WEAK/LAZY/LENGTHENED
Left gluteus medius TIGHT/SHORT (but probably also weak and atrophied).