I’m Becoming “That Creeper” at the Pool

So the more I exercise and do range of motion work at the pool, the more I realize how much my body likes it. The more I realize my body likes it, the more thought I put into how I can maximize my efforts. The more I work to maximize my efforts, the more I begin to incorporate somewhat weird tools into my aqua routine.

Example: I’ve started utilizing an exercise band around my legs for side to side movements in the pool to work my lateral muscles. In fact, I’ll wear the band around my waist before I even get into the pool. Sometimes I get weird looks, like I’m trying to start a fashion trend. No, my dears. Perhaps in official aqua rehabilitation pools these bands are normal, but apparently at the local fitness pool, not so much.

Another example: Today, when I go into the jacuzzi, I’m going to bring my small lacrosse ball in with me in order to work on my glute/piriformis/possibly hamstring muscles. Whatever I can get it. I may look like a perve while doing this.

Another example: I’m probably going to experiment with “trigger point taping” my adductors. This tape will show while I wear my swimsuit, even with theĀ  shorts I wear. I will look weird.