I totally see why people go for hip replacements.

Like the title says, I see why people so often opt for surgery instead of taking the time to try to rehab a complex injury.

On average, I probably spend 3-4 hours doing “rehab stuff” for my body. This includes using my electric massager, using my EMS/TENS unit on select muscles, doing mindful movements around the house, using the recumbent bike at home, going to the gym to use select equipment, doing pool exercises, doing gentle stretching and range of movement exercises in the hot tub, and using my PEMF mat at home.

And this doesn’t even include the time I spend on strategic nutrition, supplementation, and enzyme therapy (which requires timing my meals and periods of intermittent fasting each day). Not to mention paying for stem cell therapy out of pocket to kickstart cartilage regrowth (which so far has been worth it).

Good grief.

For my severe case of dysfunction, it seems to take all of this in order to see slow, minuscule improvement each week. And while I’m willing to do all of this, I see why most folks just go ahead and get a replacement.

It’s hard to go against doctor’s recommendations.

When a doc is telling you the only way you can get out of pain is to surgery, it’s hard to go against their medical opinion. You assume they’re the expert. Often, they have your best interests at heart, even though they’re often trained in a very narrow lane of expertise…which usually leads back to surgery. And when they tell you a surgery will fix everything (even though there are plenty of cases where it does NOT), you want to believe them.

Rehab (in my case) takes more time than a typical 9 to 5 job allows.

If I had a normal job stuck in a cubicle somewhere, I wouldn’t be able to design my day the way I do, where I can get up and move around when I need to.

You have to be disciplined with nutrition.

Prior to this, I had no idea what a huge role nutrition would play in all this. In my case, it can literally make or break my success.

You have to be curious. Annoyingly so.

One annoying thing about me is that I tend to question what doctors tell me. So while many have recommended I just get my left hip replaced, I prefer to do research and learn about alternative methods. I’m NOT the first person on the planet to defy doc’s orders. Others have done it. I love reading about these rebels and learning their methods.

You may have to go above and beyond the physical therapy that your insurance covers.

I hear alot of folks say their insurance covers X number of physical therapy sessions, or X weeks of physical therapy sessions. That’s all well and great, but sometimes your particular injury may require more from you. Sometimes you have to be motivated to go the extra mile.

Most folks are fine doing as much physical therapy as their insurance will pay for, and then sitting on their bum the other days of the week. In my case, that’s not enough. I have to do something EVERY DAY, even if it’s just doing gentle stretches in the jacuzzi on my rest days or doing tissue work on days where my muscles need to recover (because DO need time to recover).

Hard truth for my case: If I let insurance dictate how often I worked on my body, I’d probably never get better…or I would lose heart because the process is so slow.

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