Interesting. Discovered trigger points? Something up with my glute muscles?

Trigger points in my right glutes causing groin crease pain?

Today, I hobbled out to the back deck and plopped down on the top wood step. After shifting around a bit, trying to get comfortable, I realized when I leaned to the right (good) side, just to the outside and under my “sit bone”, it reproduced the pain on that same side groin crease. There was also a lump there, and it reminded me of a knot. Or trigger point?

Very interesting.

Trigger points in my left glutes causing adductor pain?

I did this a few times, and it confirmed it. Later in the day, I performed the test on the left (bad) side, and discovered the pain in my adductor area was reproduced when I shifted my weight just to the inside/under the “sit bone”.

Also interesting.

Do my hip/pelvis muscles need these specific, subtle movements?

And later on, when leaning over the bed and balancing myself with one arm while changing clothes, I decided to do some light movements to activate the glutes/hamstrings in that position. I braced both hands on the bed while bent at the waist, and lightly rocked from side to side. The left side was more painful, so I took it slowly. I also leaned to the left and tapped my foot. Did this for a few minutes.

After straightening up and moving around the house, I noticed it was notably easier to shift my weight from my right to the painful left side.

These movements are subtle. I’m also working on the subtle weight shift that happens when going from one leg to the other while moving around the kitchen, or even from sitting to standing. For the past couple days, I’ve been trying to be mindful of these movements, rather than simply putting most of my weight on my right (good side). The hope is that over time my body will get used to these movements, and the involved muscles will become stronger.

So many questions.

Is this something I should look into? Is much of my dysfunction coming from possible trigger points in my low glute area? Could these trigger points be causing the pain I feel in my adductor area on the left side, and groin crease area on the right side?

So many questions!

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