List of Improvements Thus Far – July 21, 2018

The post will serve as a reminder of how far I’ve come, because doggonit, I get so impatient with how long this progress is taking. Yet, I’m making progress. I can’t lose site of that.

Since May 14, 2018 (a little over 2 months ago), here are the improvements thus far:

  • I can go up and down the stairs like a normal person. Still wobbly and lopsided sometimes, but I no longer have to take the stairs one leg at a time.
  • Standing hip flexion is past 90 degrees on my left (weak) side. If I will recall, at my worst, it was hard to lift the foot six inches to slip on a shoe.
  • I can lift my lift my left leg getting into and out of bed/the car. It used to be dead weight. I literally used to lift my left leg with my hands.
  • When getting into the car, I can momentarily stand on my left leg (while holding onto the car) while I lift my right leg to get into the car. Like a normal person. This improvement came even before I had my stem cell therapy.
  • While driving, it used to be the most difficult, painful, excruciating thing to lift my left leg/foot and bring it towards me. It was just as difficult to extend it out. I can now do this several times. It’s work, but not nearly as difficult or painful as it used to be.
  • For some reason, pointing my toes with either foot used to send pain shooting up the back/side of my achilles tendon area up almost into my calves. There was weakness too, like a I couldn’t get a good flex in. This is now 98% gone. I don’t know what it was (weakness? trigger points?), but it’s nice that it’s gone.
  • In the last week, I’ve been able to slowly put more weight on my left leg while standing stationary. I’m not quite equal yet, but getting there. Maybe 40/60. I can also stand taller, engaging my deep lower pelvic core and lateral stabilizing muscles
  • I stand notably straighter than I used to. Not as twisted to my right as I used to be.
  • Sitting, I’m not as twisted either.
  • Walking (with my crutch(es)) is slightly less painful. My goal is to get down to one crutch all the time while putting almost even weight on both legs. Would be great. Currently, I mostly use one crutch around the house, but when I go out, I use two.
  • My weak left hamstring is slowly getting stronger
  • My left adductor group is learning to lengthen
  • Hip hinging is getting easier. I first noticed this a few days after bone marrow stem cell injections.
  • When sitting, I’m able to pick my left leg up higher. Still a bunch of external rotation (internal rotation still a challenge), but the muscles are learning to get more control in a wider range of motion.

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