More Progress

Wow. I did a photo shoot today that had me on my feet for nearly 2 hours (there were a few minutes were I sat down, but that’s it). I opted to use one crutch, even though I’m in the process of acclimating to a cane around the house and for short errands.

Speaking of which, I’m using the cane two weeks earlier than I planned.

Two weeks ago I did an hour long shoot on the crutch, and I remember being very tired afterwards. So much so, that when I flopped back into the car and drove home, my left hip muscles were literally stinging for a bit.

Not today. Huh.

After the shoot, I wasn’t very tired. Odd. Got home and went to the gym. Did some rotational lunge work on BOTH sides – modified on the weak left side – and then got on the treadmill for 15 minutes. Then got in the jacuzzi and did some one legged stands in the hip-deep water. Did some other adductor and abductor activation work.

Got out. Had some immediate tiredness, but it was gone by the time I got to Qdoba to pick up dinner.

I’m noticing my stride wanting to lengthen on the weak, left side, almost as if my glutes are wanting to propel me forward more.

I’ll take it. And even with all this, I struggle with impatience. It’s like, I’m seeing improvement, but it can come fast enough. Still, I’m very, very thankful to be moving in the right direction so far. This is precisely why I need to write this progress down, because otherwise I tend to lose perspective and despair that I’m not making progress at all…

…when, in fact, I am.

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